How To Leave Hy Vee Wedding Cakes Without Being Noticed | Hy Vee Wedding Cakes

Sam Sholes, who manages the floral department, has been with Hy-Vee for added than 25 years. Satisfying the bride-to-be is the top antecedence back alive on a wedding, she said. Image Source: “It is their (bride’s) wedding, and they can accept what they appetite as connected as the flowers are available,” Sholes said. “Some […]

The Latest Trend In Shabby Chic Wedding Cakes | Shabby Chic Wedding Cakes

Having a planning problem, a betrothed meltdown, a prenuptial crisis? Write to Raquel at for some adeptness advice. Image Source: The macho bag Dear Raquel, I am the groom-to-be. My fiancee wants to plan a bells in a barn with copse tables, potato sack table covers and flowers in old bottle containers. I […]