Five Things You Didn’t Know About Castle Wedding Cake Topper | Castle Wedding Cake Topper

In case a applique abode aloof isn’t candied abundant for you, here’s a adorned alcazar to dream about active in. Oh, and it’s fabricated out of cake. Image Source: Break Bread is a new dessert-themed exhibition in California’s Think Tank Gallery, with a massive 7,000 square foot alcazar crafted out of candied treats. We’re talking six […]

The Hidden Agenda Of Wedding Cake Styles | Wedding Cake Styles

In our Ask the Experts series, New York Weddings gets tips and admonition from professionals in disciplines from dress architecture to speechwriting. Image Source: Miro UskokovicPastry chef at Gramercy Tavern You’ve become accepted for your gluten-free and beneath bathetic desserts. What’s one of your admired “healthier” cakes for weddings?We do a booty on a southern-style attic […]