The Reason Why Everyone Love Old Fashioned Wedding Cake Toppers | Old Fashioned Wedding Cake Toppers

NEW YORK –  Whether you love shopping for shoes, bistro Chinese aliment or talking on a corpuscle phone, your claimed affection can be embodied in a bells cake. Image Source: These days, couples walking bottomward the aisle have bid adieu to the old-fashioned three-tiered conception topped with a artificial helpmate and benedict and are choosing cakes that reflect their […]

Learn All About Vintage Wedding Cake Decorations From This Politician | Vintage Wedding Cake Decorations

As the official chef of the aristocratic bells cake, British pastry chef Fiona Cairns has her assignment cut out for her. Image Source: Cairns showed “Nightline’s” Nick Watt the affairs for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s aristocratic bells cake, which will be a multi-tiered, acceptable bake-apple block with white icing. She said the brace […]